The Brownouts

flashlightIt is such a relief that this weekend is fast approaching. I had been stuck for a few weeks now in my hubby’s hometown because I got hospitalized because of … uhm uhm … well … just was not feeling well. My hubby’s hometown has been consistently hit by unusually long hours of power outages.

Alternate schedules as they say that lasts 5 hours. I am glad the 8 hour suffering is long gone and they improved to 5 hours total. But it still is inconvenient especially when the power outage starts at 6pm and goes back at 11pm. Sometimes it can even reach midnight. Yikes!

I can just imagine the pain that businesses go through with this crisis. As my hubby keeps telling himself, this power outage is man made and not because of the El Ninio phenomenon. A pathetic and lame excuse so he says. Oh well … I am glad he will be coming back to fetch me this weekend. It can be a pain not being together with your special someone. Right? I am sure a lot of people have experienced it at some point in their lives being far away.

The rainy season is approaching, I can only hope it will not rain too much so that the power outage problem will stop (my hubby’s hometown depends on the dams).

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