Can’t Wait For The Rainy Season

rainI know I am not the only one looking forward to the rainy season. It has been hell ever since the El Nino phenomenon has sucked my country’s water dry. In Mindanao even, the power crisis is getting worse. I cannot really say if it is really a problem caused by natural factors or politically motivated.

Even then, it is just very hot hot hot these days. I long for the rainy season so I can feel the cool breeze. Not that I am looking forward to the storms. If only there is a way that the weather can be controlled. There would not be any floods whatsoever.

Also, once the rainy season comes, I think I can heave a sigh of relief till then because at least I will have peace of mind that the probability of fire is way lesser during the rainy season than during the summer.

Now, if only there is snow … no blizzards please …

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