Just Had My Yoga

After what seemed like a month long absence, I finally went back to my yoga session a few hours ago. I did post about it 2 days ago that I miss my weekly yoga. It is always on Thursday of every week and as I said before, because I was hospitalized I was in a way immobilized while recuperating and that meant not exerting myself to any form of exercise.

Whew! I did sweat a lot during the session awhile ago. Many people think yoga will not make you sweat but instead will make you relaxed. Actually, it is both. It will make you relaxed and it will also make you sweat. My husband is also thinking of joining a fun run marathon. I have never joined before but I am interested in taking part. Should be fun. I need to keep up my exercise to make up for all the times when I was in bed rest.

That was some experience. I hope it will never again. I do want to have a kid. Don’t all wives? 😉

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