Santacruzan 2010

flowerSantacruzan is held annually in the warm month of May and is considered to be the “Queen of Filipino Festivals”. Beautiful town belles are selected to participate in this colorful pageant parade. The stars are selected not for their looks alone, but for their embodiment of traditional feminine qualities.

It is a week-long street pageant in almost every town; from the dirt road barrio to the metropolis honoring beautiful Philippine maidens and their handsome escorts under the hand-carried bamboo arc’s decorated by fragrant native flowers.

Santacruzan was introduced by the Spaniards in the Philippines and has since become part of Filipino traditions recognized with youth, love and romance.

This Sunday, SM Cebu will hold its own Santacruzan to be held at the Northwing area. I would like to invite everybody to join us in this event. Unlike last year, this time there are close to 50 participants I think. Quite a number. Should be fun. I still do not know what kind o

This is a public event so everybody can watch. See you all there.

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