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I noticed that schools’ curriculum today are not the same as they were years ago. In fact, I preferred the subjects and activities that students got to experience during the old times. Those were the days. I feel like my kids now need those what I went through during my youth especially extra curricular activities.

Lack of budget? Come on. Parents pay what they can for their kids’ education so they can have a good future. Schools cannot give that excuse. Cases like these, sometimes as a parent, you would have to take matters into your own hands. And that is why Kidzmet, a new portal created by a working mother of two exists solely to help parents streamline their kids’ activity planning in one central site.

To test how efficient the portal works, I tried out a Santa Barbara zip code 93101 and searched for possible available classes for basketball, favorite sport for both my hubby and I. The listing did give some results with complete details including schedule, price, start date, time and distance from the zip code. The search form was pretty easy to use. I just had to select the options available that met my requirements and the portal does the searching for me.

With so many great local summer camps and classes to choose from … Kidzmet is a great place to start looking for the best ones for your kids.
Visit my sponsor: NEW SITE FOR MOMS - Expedia for Enrichment Classes

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