Circle of Friends

GJACKK– that is how my best friends and i call ourselves. How did it all start and what does it mean?

The story began when we were in our high school years. Like most of us we say that high school days has the most memorable and treasured memories of students’ lives. During the first year everything and everyone else is new and different. New teachers, classmates, friends and colleagues. Like in my experience, i had few close friends in my first few years. Tried to build a number of circle of friends and somehow became very close as we go along the following school years.

It was during third year when Jarrah, Angeline, Cyril, Kristine and i became classmates.  We got along with each other well, shared our dreams, aspirations, crushes, and even problems. The bond was fun and i should say it was promising!

When we were on our fourth year, seems like destiny brought all of us together once again.With a bonus because a new friend came along named Karen. So getting to know each other has then became more exciting everyday. We discovered whose crazy, smart, moody, happy-go-lucky. Shared different views in life, fight, break up, make-up, and all of that made our story very colorful. And despite of all the misunderstandings we still got each others back.

And from then on we promised that GJACKK which means the initials of (GIEBETH, JARRAH, ANGELINE, CYRIL, KRISTINE AND KAREN) will forever be the BEST OF FRIENDS. Even though now that we have our own lives and careers, five of us got married and some are even out of the country, that bond and promise stays with us forever.

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