Greenwich Treat Is Over

metrobankLast year Metrobank credit card holders enjoyed the sweet treats from Red Ribbon just in time for the holiday season and my husband and I were one of those who availed of it. I just love desserts, cakes, ice cream, chocolate and the like. That was what I loved about this promotion.

Early this year Greenwich was the one who gave us a pizza blow out. Before the promo ended last May we have had a lot of pizzas and pastas tried for free. As long as you reached the accumulated receipt of 10,000 PHP, walah! You can rush yourself to Greenwich and get a free pizza.

This time we’ll be looking forward to having a lot of freebies from Metrobank. I think this time it is from Adidas. As to what gears one can get from the credit card receipts … fingers crossed. Shoes? Nah! Wishful thinking lol. But anything redeemable is better than nothing at all.

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