More And More Celebrity Sex Scandals

Tsk … poor Ariel and Luna Maya. Famous celebrities in Indonesia now more famous because of their alleged sex scandals now spread all over the Internet like a virus.

Indonesians grappled with their first-ever celebrity sex-tape scandal, casting aside social taboos as they swarmed around office computers and mobile phones to watch clips allegedly showing a much-loved pop star with two girlfriends.

They denied it was them, saying that the footage was doctored. But well, who knows… only they know right? But I have friends who said they have seen the video and that it is indeed them. These things, when they happen can bring tremendous emotional distress to the people involved. I mean, who wants to be seen doing that all over the world right?

It is meant to be private but … as some people say, the safest way to avoid sex scandals is by not shooting yourself in the video doing those acts. Better avoid doing that rather than risk being a worldwide sensation, even more so if you are a famous personality.

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