My New Career

ILoveMyFamily1For the past week i have been very busy preparing for my new career at Prulife U.K. That is why i have not written anything about it just yet. But now that i am done with my trainings, preparations for my first licensure exam as a qualified financial consultant i can now share a bit of what i have experienced, learned and my realizations.

I am so lucky to have a very charming and a very inspiring team/unit manager who introduced me in this kind of field. She opened my eyes and taught me how to build my own dream and somehow with great effort, hard work and prayers i will be able to reach those dreams.

And as we go along our training i have learned how the word “insurance” affects people in their own perspectives. For some they are so allergic when we say this word but their are also some people who thinks beyond what their eyes can see and what their ears can hear. They think of it as a very good opportunity to help them save, earn, and protect their loved ones. So if i were being asked, why would i get one? I’d simply say, “Because i love my family.”

What about you, do you love yours?

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