BP Excited Over Costner’s Machine

oilI have been keeping tabs on the progress of the oil cleanup of BP. I agree that this is by far the worst environmental disaster in worldwide history. And I just pity the animals that are affected by this event. Curious why I called this event rather than an accident? Because it was clear that BP had found signs of this happening but did not take any action to prevent it.

And the result is … this. Disaster! Now, I admire Kevin Costner for really doing something for the world. His machine is a centrifuge designed to separate spilled oil from water and, according to Costner, could be instrumental in cleaning up the massive oil slick expanding in the Gulf.

When BP tested his machine, they got excited over the results. I hope this will be really effective and the tragedy will end as soon as possible. Then BP will pay for the massive damage they caused to the world. I salute Kevin Costner for taking the initiative on his own trying to create a solution in cases such as this. Seems his work has paid off. Congratulations!

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