Off For The Weekend

planeIt will be a weekend off for me because I will be going with my hubby for a short vacation. He badly needs the time off. What with all the workload and stress that he has been enduring these past few days. We both are clueless as to why he has been in hyper mode since last week.

Even after lunch or dinner he would still be hungry. He keeps teasing himself that it is as if he is less than a 25 year old. You know, metabolism is still fast. At his age, it should be slow. But alas, it seems his metabolism now is like a decade ago.

A time off is just what needs and I am tagging along for the ride lolz. So I will be sure to have some tales of my adventures when I get back. We both will be inactive in the blogging world for a few days but we will be back this Sunday. Hopefully then, I can post one right away to keep you guys posted.

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