And Here Comes The Rain

rainAfter a heavy drought of rainless months, now comes the rainy season. So brace yourself for a few months worth of La Nina, the opposite of El Nino. Hopefully, there won’t be too much floods happening around the country. It would be really devastating to the people affected and to the country’s economy itself if they were to happen.

No one wants to encounter a bad flood. Who does right?  Even if rainy season has just started, the weather is still very hot. I just came back from a short trip from Manila and I tell you, the weather there is blazingly hot. I could bear the heat here compared to there.

Plus it is so congested over there that it adds up to the heat around you getting worse. If only the weather here is cold. We only need to wear thick jackets right? I am sure that is what you would want. What can we do with hot weather? We cannot bring an aircondition with us on our back and turn it on while we walk around. Cold weather is better. But not that cold ;).

Rains are coming. I just hope they will be moderate. So far, they have been behaving.

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