To Be Rich Or Not To Be …

I recently composed a poem about wanting to be rich or not. My husband seemed pretty impressed after he read it. Was he simply too biased? lolz. He did place my poem in his poetry blog at

But I simply wanted to place the poem in my blog. So here it is. Positive and negative are always welcome. I don’t mind ;). I am not really good with poetry but I just gave this a shot.

To be rich or not to be?
To be rich is what I want to be
Yes, I am rich
Rich where money can’t reach

But I know it does not stop here
Wonderful things can happen without fear
Be wherever, have everything and do whatever
Whatever that life has to offer

Security, stability for my happy family
Buy these, buy those, how great it would be
Give this and that, put smiles
And reach those with trials

Can make a difference for my country
Help mankind, lend hands whoever needs me
Change people’s lives
And make easy for them to survive

I want to be rich
Whatever it takes for me to reach
From a small step to a leap
I know this step will lead me to reap

Fellow Moms, You Can Finish Your Education At Home If You Haven’t

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Sick Again

I am sorry guys for having been idle from blogging for the past few days. Another painful thing happened to me last Friday July 9, 2010. Once again I was brought to the hospital because of the unbearable pain in my lower abdomen.

I was in the midst of my job assessment thing when I suddenly felt cramping pain and chills. Took oral medication to relieve the pain but it was still there. I could barely walk, eat, and sleep. So my husband and I rushed to the hospital few hours after midnight.

It took a while for me handling all the pains because the doctors still have to check on my blood and urine samples and diagnose what is going on. The following day I was finally given the right medications. I can still remember there were 2 skin tests, 2 blood extractions and another injection for the dextrose. Whew!

All I can say this year is full of painful experiences, struggles and financial loss. As a result it made a delay on some of our personal plans. But things are easier to accept when we open our minds and that everything happens for a reason.

At the end of the day we come to think of the other things and blessings that we have. And that there are also lots of people, who are in the same situation, perhaps has more dreadful experiences than I have. Maybe God has some other plans for us.

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