Last Template Change

If you had been to my blog the past 3 days, you may be surprised with yet another template change. It was because the woman butterfly wordpress theme had some bugs when displaying posts page by page. Even when I set the maximum posts to be displayed per page at 3, it kept displaying 5.

If I go to page 2, the same posts get displayed. Even though my husband knows PHP, he never had any luck overriding the code (techie phrase from him) to ensure that only 3 posts will be displayed per page. I really loved that theme. Even the search results messed up.

So I had no choice but to look for another template but I did some tests before activating it like making sure the posts that are displayed per page are correct and the search also shows results correctly. So I will be sticking with this template from now on. It may not be too girly but the template portray itself as some sort of diary for a professional woman like me 😉 hihihi.

I just became a freelance agent for an insurance company while still continuing part time modeling jobs if there are any. I am not getting younger so some freelance work apart from blogging to help my husband with his paid post stuffs will help us financially.

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