Busy Week Ahead

This week will be very busy for me and my hubby. We didn’t expect that buying a parcel of land/property can be so hard and complicated. Aside from my hectic schedule as a financial consultant i also have schedule for friends meet-ups, birthday party etc.

And the most important thing I have to do towards the end of the week will be fixing and settling all the papers needed for the signing and transfer of the property.

One thing I have learned during the past few weeks after compromising and reaching towards the best and lawful actions we have to encounter especially when a seller is out of the country (in our case, the United States).

There are only two options for this: 1st the seller must secure an S.P.A or Special Power of Attorney issued and notarized by the Consulate of the Philippines in whatever state they are in, authorizing that specific person to transact in behalf of the seller. 2nd, the seller should go home in the Philippines and transact business personally with the buyers.

Also it is important to secure an opinion from a lawyer to avoid any illegal transactions. Luckily on our part our lawyer is a relative of ours and the seller came home. All we have to do is to prepare all the needed documents and of course payment for the purchase.

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