I Miss Larsian

My friends and i were brainstorming in facebook where is a good and cheap place to eat. And i finally realized what i was craving to eat for the past months, Larsian!!! I can’t remember the last time i tasted Larsian delicacies. The last thing i knew it was still in Fuente Osmena area. lol!

But it has been relocated to Mandaue. Since then i have never tasted their mouthwatering skewered pork, fish and chicken or barbecue as we call it, and the “puso”.  Have anyone tried Larsian in Mandaue? How was it? hehehe! I know my question sounds crazy because we know for the fact that all barbecues taste the same.

Well, i think i’ve convinced my friends to have our bonding session at Larsian Mandaue. Good luck to the tummies, hope it won’t be too sensitive this time.

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4 Replies to “I Miss Larsian”

  1. aww, too bad it’s in cebu. was hoping i could also try it out. anwyay, about your layouot, it’s very clean, organized and doesnt take too long to load. so in my opinion, you chose a good blog theme.

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