How To Avoid Canker Sores

While things like accidentally biting your lip can never be avoided, I believe the only solution to avoid canker sores is to use toothpaste that actually do not contain Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Then again, almost all toothpastes that I see in the grocery contain that ingredient.

So what is SLS? It is a detergent surfactant which is commonly used as a cleansing agent in all sorts of personal care products which is a common ingredient in most toothpastes. Many people around the world suffer from Canker Sores, also known as “mouth ulcers”. The mouth sore or oral ulcers can disrupt life. My husband pretty much suffers from this from time to time and yesterday he felt enough is enough. We researched why he still gets it even though he keeps on taking vitamin C.

So the main culprit, toothpaste. We always use Colgate and that toothpaste is pretty much the main cause because it has SLS in it. There is one toothpaste that I saw in groceries that do not contain SLS and that is Sensodyne but I think it is expensive so we will have to see how my husband and I are going to go about using Sensodyne from now on.

The harshness of the SLS chemical has been proven to create microscopic damage to the oral tissue which lines the inside of your mouth, which then leads to Canker Sores.

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