How To Force Yourself To Fart?

Kind of a weird question don’t you think? But if you do happen to know people who have a hard time doing the loo or because they have constipation, sometimes they also suffer from not being able to fart. And the feeling is kind of the same if you cannot burp. So how can one force one’s self to fart?

I have tried researching through Google about it but there just does not seem to be any natural remedy for that. Well, maybe if you do cure your constipation problem then maybe the fart goes with it. There are many home remedies that can be taken to relieve one’s self from constipation.

Anything prune (fruit or juice), honey, banana, oat meal, papaya, mango or anything else fiber I guess. Apple is a bad idea because it makes your loo hard so stay away from that. Still, has anyone experienced having problems by not being able to fart? Do share your experiences and the things that you did.

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