It’s BER!

It is BER. It is the start of that time of the month where, 4 months from now, it will be a new year for all of us. I cannot really say 2009 is a very exciting year. So far it has been miserable. So many things have happened to us and I do not consider them as good blessings.

Life is hard. Life in unfair and sometimes …. life just sucks. I hope next year will be better. Even though it has only been a bit more halfway through the year, it feels like a not so good year to me and my hubby. Maybe the only good thing so far was that we finally were able to secure our own lot. But that still can’t be considered a totally good thing because we had problems raising money for that.

Add to that miscarriage I had early this year and it has not been a good year so far. I guess the only thing that I will be looking forward to is the coming yuletide season since we have to be happy during that time right? Life …

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