Seen The New Nano?

Have you seen the new Apple gadgets? Music has a whole new feel. The iPod nano has been completely redesigned with Multi-Touch – the same technology that makes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch so amazing. Now it is half the size and even easier to play.

And everything you want to hear is just a tap or swipe away. I am sure previous Nano owners will surely be envious and … those who recently bought one, pissed.

This is a totally different Nano. In sleek anodized aluminum and seven bright colors, iPod nano makes a huge statement: You are, most definitely, ready to rock and you can now show off your album art, photos and the color-coordinated wallpaper on the 1.5-inch color display with 240-by-240 pixel resolution. It is tiny yet stunning.

Are you going to buy one?

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