Loving The Wool, The Ramblers Way

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There is something with worsted wool fabric that attracts me. So when my folks gave me money on my birthday to go on a shopping spree, the first thing that I purchased was Ramblers Way’s Women’s Next-to-Skin Camisole. Made from worsted wool fabric, they tend to be uniform and firm, usually lighter in weight and can often be worn year round.

An ordinary wool sweater is typically itchy, heavy, hot and uncomfortable. Those sweaters made with worsted wool fabrics feel even better. I know, because I wore one from my aunt’s before and the feeling of comfort and softness were the things that I fell in love with worsted wool fabrics. And what better products than Ramblers Way especially made on American Soil.

Ramblers Way has done a great job of providing worsted fabric wool apparel using organic, no-till practices in the process protecting wildlife habitat and preserving critical ecosystems. This ensures that the materials are superfine and sustainable year round. To tell you the truth, I could wear this all the time. If we are talking about comfort, the apparels at Rambler’s Way are definitely tops on my list.

Re-imagine the wool, the Rambler’s Way.

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