What Pregnant Women Crave

According to a recent survey, almost majority of pregnant women crave at some point in their nine-month long pregnancy. And pregnancy cravings among modern women are more common than the previous generations.

From ice creams to chocolates, mayonnaise to pickles, pregnant women have a long list of cravings that are sometimes odd and worse unhealthy for a woman who’s going to have a baby. Pregnant women crave for sour tastes during the second and third trimester of their pregnancy more than in the first trimester or before getting pregnant. No wonder that almost all women crave for green mangoes and other sour fruits when pregnant. Me included.

Salty tastes are also craved which is attributed to the pregnant woman’s greater need for sodium to support their increasing blood volume, which happens during pregnancy.

However, pregnancy cravings are a mixture of both good and bad elements for the pregnant woman’s health and her baby. When a pregnant woman starts craving for cigarette butts, paint and other unusual and harmful substances, it’s time to consult a doctor.

But for all the other cravings (e.g. sweet cakes and salty chips), the best way to deal with pregnancy cravings is to satisfy them within the limits of being healthy. Watch how much you consume and try to get the right nutrients for you and the baby. It is what pregnancy is all about don’t you think?

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