X-Rays: Man Had Knife In Head For 3 Years

Now, this is definitely disturbing. Why did the man wait 3 years after to have the knife removed from his head? I mean, having one stuck in you is already dangerous from the start. It is surely a miracle that this man survived while that knife was lodged inside his skull.

In the photo (taken from ABC News), Edeilson Manoel do Nascimento holds an X-ray showing a knife that was inside his skull, at the Hospital das Clinicas in Recife, Brazil. Nascimento is recovering nicely after a team of surgeons removed the 4-inch knife that had remained lodged in his head for three years after a bar fight. Severe headaches led him to have the knife removed.

If he had not been experiencing pain, does that mean he would not have opted for surgery? Guess so. Since he was able to wait that long. Wow! I surely would not waste any time having that removed.

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