The Death Of Online Privacy

Before there were news mostly related to terrorists. Today, it seems I have read quite a lot of news regarding deaths and suicides because of sex scandals and they mostly affected teenage people. On the heels of the tragic suicide of a Rutgers University freshman after his roommate streamed online video of his same-sex, dorm-room encounter, this highlights a new truth of the digital age.

Now, more than ever, the most intimate of moments can become very public, very quickly. Creating Web pages and streaming online video is easier than ever. And the growing number of mobile phones with cameras, both still and video, means that documentation is often just a click away.

The ease of sharing digital information means it doesn’t take much for things to find their way onto the internet. And once they are there, they can go viral within minutes. Social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter make the old telephone game is a thing of the past. One post, and you’ve passed along the latest news to hundreds, if not thousands, of friends and followers who can immediately share it with a friends list of their own.

If you have something intimate to share. Keep it to yourself. Actually, refrain from using the camera. That action alone can save you your life. And your future. What do you think?

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