Armani Taps Chinese Market With Online Store

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani plans to tap the Chinese market with a new online store that opened Friday for Emporio Armani in one of the first such initiatives in China by a major fashion brand.

Online retail sales in China, which has the world’s largest web population of at least 420 million soared last year big time. US fashion giant Gap launched an online store in China earlier this month and Wal-Mart, the world’s biggest retailer has said it too plans an Internet presence in China soon. Apple opened an online store in October.

There seems to be a growing trend for international brands to want to tap into Chinas large market. Any business owner would think the same. This will be the first fashion brand to offer a flagship store online experience in China. The website will be backed by Yoox, an Italian online fashion retailer that has grown rapidly during the global economic crisis.

Mandarin Oranges In My Lifestyle

Everybody knows fruits contain lots of Vitamin C which is necessary for normal growth and development. It is also an anti-oxidant required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of our body. Antioxidants also help reduce the damage to the body caused by toxic chemicals and pollutants.

I usually make it a point that I eat at least an orange every single day. Mandarin orange to be exact. While you may wonder why I prefer Mandarin oranges over the normal sized oranges, I just like Mandarin oranges because they are small and they are handy to bring with me anywhere. This ensures that I get to eat one every day.

Sometimes I also use mandarin oranges in my cooking. They give a very sweet taste when I apply them as an additional ingredient in the food’s sauce. Having citrus fruits in your daily life will definitely give you a healthy lifestyle.

Fur Makes A Comeback The Humane Way

Now here is some good news for fur lovers. I read a news report that there may be no item of clothing quite as controversial as the fur. And yet fur is everywhere this season, in ways that designers hope will take some of the edge away from its usual critics.

Some top labels, including Chanel and Nina Ricci, put faux fur on the runway that was indistinguishable even by trained eyes from the real thing. Accessory brand Be & D uses rabbit fur and lamb shearling that are byproducts of the meat industry.

The comeback has less to do with newly humane treatment than with the return of luxury. If animal rights activists with cans of red paint grabbed the headlines, it was the recession that dealt fur a knockout blow. Now, fashion is aiming for a balance, positioning fur as a versatile item that will outlast a fancy handbag or sequined top while playing up softness and warmth.

It is being used as trim on bags and boots, the lining of a hood or the fabric of a dress that is light as silk. It pairs with jeans as well as an evening gown. And the use of faux fur could fuel the market for real fur — even inadvertently. Wearing fur is a personal choice, but whether you prefer faux or real fur, it is a fashionable way to stay warm. What do you think?

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