Stranded In A Cruise Ship

A cruise to just about anywhere may prove to be a great honeymoon experience for couples. But perish the thought when a freak accident may occur, stranding passengers for how many days. That is what happened recently with the cruise ship Splendor.

Passengers experienced the harsh life inside a cruise ship for 3 days after the ship lay adrift and powerless at sea from an engine-room fire. Oh wow! Honeymoons ruined. People tired and restless. I can feel their emotions. If that were me in that cruise ship, I’d be restless too. Food rotten, toilets smelly.

It was a good thing that they are now finally on land, the shipped having been tugged by tug boats. I was glad to see their smiling faces after what they had gone through. That kind of ordeal is a nightmare and nobody would ever want that to happen to them.

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