Christmas Is Fast Approaching

It is the season to be jolly. So they say. For me, it is also the season to be surprised. I am surprised that my Godchildren count has risen ;). Goodie! This means shopping for their gifts and I just enjoy browsing through things inside the store to look for the perfect gift that they may like and seeing their happy faces with their big smiles upon opening my gifts for them.

Time sure flies by so quick right? Next month is December. It feels like it is still July. I have not been to the malls that much this month so definitely maybe before the month ends, I probably could settle a few gifts for some of my Godchildren. That way, I do not have to cram myself into buying for each one of them. Chances are if you rush, you get to buy the wrong gift for them. The earlier the better. That way, you have all the time in the world to look, compare and think.

What about you? Is your budget ready for some shopping spree? 😉

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