Some Common Mistakes Of Losing Weight Through Exercise

Now how about that? Through a little reading I was able to know some things about some common mistakes of losing weight through exercise. Jogging belongs to one kind of aerobic exercises. People thought that they would lose weight after 30 minutes of jogging.

However, it is recorded a new research that fat begins to burn after 40 minutes of continuous jogging. There will be no effect at all if they only jog for 30 minutes. It is obvious that people cannot lose any weight if they give up at the very 39 minutes. No wonder it is not easy to lose weight. You have to consistently jog for at least 40 minutes straight in order for the effect to come in.

Another mindset is that people think the more intense the exercise, the more weight will be lost. Not true at all. In fact, only continuous and less strong aerobic exercises can help people to burn extra fat. Fat will be consumed quicker by continuous and less strong aerobic exercises . Exercise by which heart rate can be kept from 100 to 124 times per minute is of great value and importance.

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