Fur Makes A Comeback The Humane Way

Now here is some good news for fur lovers. I read a news report that there may be no item of clothing quite as controversial as the fur. And yet fur is everywhere this season, in ways that designers hope will take some of the edge away from its usual critics.

Some top labels, including Chanel and Nina Ricci, put faux fur on the runway that was indistinguishable even by trained eyes from the real thing. Accessory brand Be & D uses rabbit fur and lamb shearling that are byproducts of the meat industry.

The comeback has less to do with newly humane treatment than with the return of luxury. If animal rights activists with cans of red paint grabbed the headlines, it was the recession that dealt fur a knockout blow. Now, fashion is aiming for a balance, positioning fur as a versatile item that will outlast a fancy handbag or sequined top while playing up softness and warmth.

It is being used as trim on bags and boots, the lining of a hood or the fabric of a dress that is light as silk. It pairs with jeans as well as an evening gown. And the use of faux fur could fuel the market for real fur — even inadvertently. Wearing fur is a personal choice, but whether you prefer faux or real fur, it is a fashionable way to stay warm. What do you think?

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One Reply to “Fur Makes A Comeback The Humane Way”

  1. I hope everyone who “loves fur” realizes that there are no labeling laws for garment selling for less than $150. Which means — All the little “trinket” objects with fur “trim” could come from animals killed in China/Asia and other countries that use DOMESTIC DOG & CAT skins.

    I know most people don’t care about the cows from where your leather comes from… Or the chickens that line your jackets and stuff your pillows… Or the sheep that are mutilated for “wool” — And some might not even care about the animals bred for “fur” being anally electrocuted or poisoned (some “humane” fashion garment). Anyway – surely many people DO care about the “humane” treatment of dogs and cats… There is no such thing as using a nonhuman for his/her body parts “humanely” — Stop deluding yourselves!

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