Sex On The Beach: Soon To Be Banned In Boracay?

Too much? Boracay authorities are threatening to implement a “no sex on the beach” rule, after ABS-CBN News caught on camera two couples in various states of undress publicly making out on New Year’s Day. One couple was said to be having sex on the beach, while the other pair was making out, with the woman’s breasts exposed. Both pairs were allegedly foreigners.

John Yap, the mayor of Malay that has jurisdiction over Boracay, told ABS-CBN that authorities are thinking of a “no sex on the beach” ordinance so that other tourists would not be scandalized. “It’s an isolated case and quite difficult to control but, if police had seen them, they would have been arrested for public scandal,” the AFP quoted Yap as saying.

Host-actress Ruffa Gutierrez, who spent the holidays in Boracay with her family and friends, told ABS-CBN,”Bilang Pinay, I’m still very conservative kahit pa lumaki ako sa Amerika. Ayoko naman na gawin ng mga anak ko iyon–knock on wood–one day. So for me, it’s just not right.” (“As a Filipina, I’m still very conservative even if I grew up in the States. I don’t want my children to do those things one day… It’s just not right.”)

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4 Replies to “Sex On The Beach: Soon To Be Banned In Boracay?”

  1. we were in an isolated beach in Camiguin and there was this notice–stating that intimate act is prohibited. anyway, there’s a room to do that, right. but if others can’t control themselves just don’t let ABS camera caught them;)

  2. there’s always place for intimacy, and not because they are foreigners, they can make out publicly. In my opinion, no sex on the beach is a valid campaign everywhere.

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