Texas Hold ‘Em

You may think that when it comes to Poker, there is only one kind of game. Actually, there are many variations of Poker but the most famous of them all is called Texas Hold ‘Em. If you have played Poker in Facebook, then you have already played Texas Hold ‘Em.

Quite frankly, at first glance it may not look to be as enjoyable as you think. But after you play 1 round, there is a big chance that you will enjoy it. That was how I experienced when I first tried Texas Hold ‘Em with my friends. It is always fun when you play against other plays.

You can play the same Texas Hold Em in Poker Stars, one of the best places to play Poker games. There are so many tournaments available that there never is a full packed room. There is always a slot available for all players.

If you are a newbie, you can simply make use of their resources to help get you started. From the basics to advanced, you can then use the knowledge you have gained from their articles and hone your skills by practicing playing for free using their award winning software.

When you are ready to play for real is when the real fun starts. Poker Stars is where you can find the widest selection of games, a fun and safe place to play poker with others from around the world. It is home to the biggest weekly online tournament called the Sunday Million plus the annual World Championship of Online Poker, the European Poker Tour, Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure and more.

These are but a few of what you can expect when you play at Poker Stars plus there is always the thrill of being able to bluff out your opponents makes Texas Hold ‘Em the most exciting Poker game to play.

Egyptian Dad Names Child ‘Facebook’

This may seem odd at first if you cannot relate with the reason. But if you are reading news all the time, then you must know that Egypt recently had won their wish: the ouster of their ex-president Hosni Mubarak.

Because of that, a man in Egypt has named his newborn daughter “Facebook” in honor of the role the social media network played in bringing about a revolution, according to a new report. Awww, how cute!

Gamal Ibrahim, a 20-something, gave his daughter the name “to express his joy at the achievements made by the January 25 youth,” according to a report in Al-Ahram, one of Egypt’s most popular newspapers.

Many young people used Facebook and other social media networks to organize the protests, which began January 25 and ultimately led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak after 30 years in power.

MR Direct Glass Sinks

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Offering superior quality products at affordable prices, they are so confident that a lifetime warranty is part of any product purchased through them. You can either get a glass sink or any of their products through a phone order or their online store. Check them out!

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