Men Get Distracted By Sexy Women!

Uh … is this even news? Even when it comes to sexy news anchors, men still do. A new study by Indian University scholars discovered that sexy females who anchor the news make males unable to actually process the news in a landmark study that proves little we didn’t already know, sexy females are almost always a distraction.

The researchers studied two different broadcasters that are both hosted by a young sexy woman and asked a large group of men and women to watch both versions. In the first broadcast the anchor was dressed in tight clothing with sultry makeup. In the second broadcast her clothes were loose fitting and she was not wearing any makeup.

Interestingly enough, while men were unable to retain most of the news from the sexy anchor although they could when she was dressed down, women actually retained more information from the sexy version.

The study analysis stated that men favor visual over verbal reasoning and processing and thus when the anchor was dressed up to look seductive their visual senses were sharpened and they missed most of what she said. This is good news for women that say their husband’s never listen; perhaps it is just a sign that the wives are still looking good!

What do you think?

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