MR Direct Glass Sinks

MR Direct sells kitchen sinks of any kind especially the stainless types like these glass sinks. Glass sinks have been increasing in popularity as people like the modern look they have. What’s more, glass sinks are easy to clean and are durable as porcelain.

These sinks come in a wide variety of styles and colors that match well with any contemporary home. All sinks sold through MR Direct can give you a great deal of savings because since they sell sinks directly, there is no middle man that could potentially increased the market price of each product sold.

Offering superior quality products at affordable prices, they are so confident that a lifetime warranty is part of any product purchased through them. You can either get a glass sink or any of their products through a phone order or their online store. Check them out!

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4 Replies to “MR Direct Glass Sinks”

  1. We definitely got lucky with this beautifully crafted sink. It is the showpiece of the kitchen, very elegant looking. Excellent value and MR Direct has an awesome selection of shapes and sizes. Because I’d seen it in every new home and remodel, I was going to order the very trendy sink with the smaller rinsing bowl on one side, but thinking realistically, what I really needed was a sink large enough to soak my large platters and cookie sheets. The half divide has been the best of both worlds and..

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