Watch This Video Of Baby Laughing Hysterically At Ripping Paper

Baby Micah could not contain his laughter when his dad ripped up a job rejection letter he received in the mail. The 8-month-old found it so funny, that his dad kept ripping up paper to make his son crack up.

He recorded this video and posted the clip as “Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper” on his youtube page, and it is quickly become an instant classic.

Current it has more than 3 million hits. Watch this hysterical laughter for yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Watch This Video Of Baby Laughing Hysterically At Ripping Paper

  1. Very funny and cute..Husband and I watched it, and it made us laugh a lot…would love to exchange links with you..

  2. gbeth

    lolz sis.. yeah me too. the baby looks soooo cute

  3. I done following you, but I cant see my links in your blogroll..can you please udate it, thanks! done adding you, check it out in my blogroll!

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