My Blog Is Now A PR3 Again

After more than a year of waiting, my blog got its pagerank back again at 3. I hope advertisers will start reaching out to me again. It has been a long drought but I am happy that this blog’s ranking is back to normal again.

So what did I do? Well … I just kept on blogging and hoped for the best ha ha. Last year was really a bad year for bloggers because there was only one major update and that happened in April. After that, everyone had to endure the long wait, wondering month after month if there would be a major update happening.

Early this year, people were happy to find out their pagerank had changes. I was not since nothing happened. This month though was different after seeing a little green in the Google pagerank toolbar. 1, 2 or 3 it does not matter as long as there is a little green.

Seeing it as PR3 made me happier ;).

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