Be The 1000th Member At 1727!

1727 is a well known online clothing store portal whose sole purpose is to bring graceful one piece outfits for fashionable people like you. By bringing independent private labels provided in limited quantities with exquisite handmade details and high quality fabrics, fashionistas can get these at affordable prices.

And now for some good news. 1727 is now looking for the lucky 1,000th member by giving out a $500 cash prize including lifetime free shipping. Now how cool is that?! You do not have to worry about shipping costs. All you need to worry about is which outfit you plan to buy. I guess the more the merrier right?

Also, a good thing to note is that referrers and referees related to the 1,000th customer winner can also get a chance to be awarded $75 as well as free shipping on the first order. The more people you refer, the more chances of getting that referral reward. Spread this news to any of the social networking sites that you are a member of like Facebook, Twitter, through email and other share buttons.

This contest runs from April 13 to May16, 2011 and the winner will be announced on May 9. So … what are you waiting for? Visit and Join now!

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