The Amish Toy Box

Who says wooden toys are not attractive? I used to play a lot of them back when I was a child. Really. I still have the pictures to prove them. Good thing my mom kept photos of me playing with some of them.

I would say, toys by Amish are very great toys for kids. A parent does not have to worry about their kids’ toys breaking down or getting damaged. They can easily be assembled back and if they fall or something, they can just be put back into place and kids can play with them over and over.

They have a ton of unique items like doll furnitures, great for kids playing a make believe world with almost real life prop sizes. You should check them out.

Oh yes. And the best part? Their prices are affordable and way cheaper than what you can find in online stores. If I were you, I’d get one online instead. Visit Amish Crafted Wooden Toys and Doll Furniture!

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  1. I haven’t remember if I am playing wooden toys.. I hope next time you would post the pictures of you while playing that.. Looking forward for that.. 🙂

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