Clipix: Organize Your Life

The web keeps growing every minute, maybe even every second. Information is too large to keep track of and the way I see it, Clipix is a good way to bookmark products, articles, photos, clothes, websites and just about anything from any site and fill them with as many clips as you want using a simple button in your browser called clip.

Use your creativity and organize your clips any way you like.

The clips that you post are totally in your hands. You can either set them as public or private or just share it to a select few. It is all up to you.

clipix also has a social networking feel to it in that the system lets you comment, reclip and spread them to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

They also have what they call syncboards. These allow users to clip collaboratively with friends and family. Think of it as some sort of real time collaboration wherein every time you clip something, they will see your clips right away.

Yet with all these clippings, I am very glad to see that they have options to group these clippins so users can organize them better.

The list on what you can clip is really entirely up to you if you want to or not. The possibilities are endless. You should check out this video to see Clipix in action.

One more thing. If you have an iPhone, you definitely should download their app so you can clip even when you are out.

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