Proctor Silex Appliance Products

The following is a sponsored review.

Proctor Silex is no stranger to the appliance industry. In fact, I am familiar with them because I own a few ones in the kitchen and I have to say, they are very good products. I still use them after 2 years.

Plus it helps that one can buy any of their products in their online marketplace. It makes it easy for buyers to know how exactly their products look like because visual photos are provided, how much it costs, a feature list and even accessories tied to it that you may be interested in.

Many of their products are BPA free, which is an ingredient used to make plastics called polycarbonate. And you know what it means when plastic is involved … not healthy, right?

All products are performance tested for durability and reliability and comes with a 1 year warranty. If an appliance does not meet the company’s exacting standards, it will not be forwarded to the final proving ground – the market.

And the thing is, their appliances look cute. I am also a sucker when it comes to how an appliance looks like. See their iron catalog for starters. The colors, the design … heck, they are even lightweight. Beats the old and traditional iron right?

The Proctor Silex Slow Cookers also look good. You should check them out.

Accessories are also available to all products. Just surf through any product and an accompanying accessory listing is also provided, if any. This helps consumers find out the accessories best fit for the certain appliance.

And above all else, shopping in their online marketplace is a breeze. If I see anything I like, I can know right away if it is available or not. I also do not have to worry about delivery hassles because they will deliver it to me. Now that, is convenience.

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