Advantages Of Data Storage Management & Virtualization Solutions

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Ever heard of cloud computing? It is not something new. In a way, it is only the word that is new. Online data storage has been around for a long time. Users just did not embrace it as they use to now.

The boom in mobile technology has increased demand for data storage online. Now, even businesses can save lots of money by opting for data storage management.

For one thing, they do not have to worry about hardware issues. It is usually the provider that handles such problems.

CDW is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare and specializes in data storage management and virtualization solutions.

Subscribing for data virtualization and data storage management services from CDW can help companies save financially because the big issue here is the cost of hiring personnel to handle physical servers and hardware as well as the cost of the machines themselves.


CDW also offers other solutions like:

Storage Area Networks – this architecture attaches remote computer data storage devices to servers so they appear as locally attached to the operating system. Companies adopting this architecture will find that a efficient centralized storage can result in high performance, and rock solid reliability.

Blade Servers – this one is useful when it comes to space. These kind of servers are in a way sort of stripped-down server computers with modular designs optimized to minimize the use of physical space and energy.

Storage Management Software – this software can help companies manage the sheer number of data that they have in a way that can be easy for users to maintain.

Archiving Software – backup is very important considering the sheer data that users and companies keep and use these days. Having a software that can archive and do backups for future can be extremely beneficial to the company if problems with data occurs.

Data De-duplication – too many data can also mean duplicates. This process is a specialized data compression technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data thereby improving storage utilization.

Data Storage Virtualization – by bypasing the physical aspect of hardware and whenever problems may arise, companies are shielded from the worries and hassles of having to fix these issues.

Effective data storage management solutions can transform a company’s IT environment by providing flexibility while simplifying their data storage systems.

Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%. Check out CDW!


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