Leather iPad Case

This leather iPad Case simply gives a more added sexiness to one’s iPad.

This leather iPad case can be used for all iPad generations since more or less these are of the same sizes so this iPad case works great for either of them. A millimeter makes no difference to full grain leather, right?

The leather is 100% hypoallergenic 4 to 5 oz thick, full-grain, chrome-tanned leather and is not buttery soft, which is a indication if fibers are separated and broken down by hours of tumbling and stretching at the tannery. After all, it is your job to tenderize it with use.

The thread’s double zero, continuous filament, polyester thread is a little thicker than what is used on most boots. It is impressive and expensive considering that the common thread is made of short, little fibers that wound together into one long thread.

Instead, this thread is made of long, continuous fibers that would not fall apart in a strong wind. Polyester thread is one thread that does not deteriorate with exposure to sun.

The good thing about these iPad cases is that they come with a 100 year warranty. If your iPad case goes before you do, they will fix it or replace it for free. Your great grandchildren can even talk to the owner’s great grandchildren and they will take care of them too. This is a very nice warranty deal, don’t you think?!

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  1. The picture pretty much shows everything you need to know about this little wallet. I have five credit/ID cards, a license and a half dozen business cards crammed into it and I don’t think it will hold any more without stretching it a little more. I’ve had it for about two weeks and the leather is loosening up and isn’t as tight as it was at first. It requires a little breaking in but so far I am very impressed. The leather is thick and the stitching is very sturdy. If you can get by without a big wallet and think you can use this thing…go for it. I sometimes carry it in my back pocket and sometimes in my front.

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