Cooper Tire’s My Everyday Road Trip Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tire for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cooper Tire has been crafting tires for life’s road trips for nearly 100 years. 100 years! Imagine that. That says a lot on how their products stand out from the rest of the competition.

Boasting a full product portfolio, fitting most vehicles on the road today, Cooper manufactures quality passenger, light truck, sport utility, performance and winter tires.

Whether ordinary trips to the grocery store or extraordinary memories, like a newborn’s first car ride home, Cooper Tire is commemorating life’s every day road trips with an exciting opportunity to earn an entire year of free gas during Cooper Tire’s My Every Day Road Trip Contest.

This contests runs from March 1 until the 29th of 2013 and fans of Cooper Tire’s Facebook page can share their not so everyday road trip stories by submitting video, written stories or photos.

Winners will be selected based on criteria such as originality, creativity, and their passion for Cooper tires and compelling content.

The top written story will win a $100 gift card to use toward gas for one week while the highest rated photo entry will receive a $500 gift card to use toward gas for one month.

The top five video finalists will each win a new set of four Cooper tires and advance to the final phase of the competition. In the final phase, Cooper Tire Facebook fans will be encouraged to vote for their favorite Every Day Road Trip video, to help determine the final winner.

The video with the combined highest score and most votes will be awarded a gift card for $5,000 toward gas for one year to fuel their daily drive.

That’s not all.

Cooper Tire is also offering its fans a chance to win a Road Trip Kit just for voting during the contest. Beginning April 15, fans can vote for their top video to help determine the overall Cooper Tire Facebook video winner.

For each vote at one per day, fans will automatically receive an entry to win a Road Trip Kit. The prize pack includes several items to keep them on-the-go, including a $100 Cooper Tire auto service voucher, a $50 gas card, $50 iTunes gift card and Cooper gear.

LIke their Facebook fan page to find out more details on how to enter the contest.

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Why Handmade Jewelry Is Better

Handmade jewelry is enjoying a rise in popularity. From delicate earrings to bold pendants, the range of styles and materials offers up a dazzling rainbow of wearable art. In addition to being beautiful, there are several reasons why unique handmade jewelry is better:

Handmade jewelry is one-of-a-kind – Just as we are all individuals, so is handmade jewelry. Why settle for the exact same thing hundreds if not thousands of other people have when you can have a gorgeous piece of jewelry just as unique and special as you are? With handmade jewelry, even the same design with the same materials will result in a different finished product each time, guaranteeing that no two pieces are exactly alike.

Handmade jewelry has a connection to the artisan – Sure mass-produced jewelry is pretty, but do you feel any kind of human connection with whoever (or whatever) made it? Handmade jewelry is extremely personal both for the person wearing it and the person who made it. Love and care and self-expression are poured into each piece, and that intangible shines through. Being able to put a name and face with the artisan who crafted your jewelry elevates a fashion accessory to a piece of art.

Handmade jewelry supports small business – When you buy handmade jewelry, not only are you supporting the artisan who made it but also all the vendors and small businesses the artisan does business with. In this way, your purchase of handmade jewelry is helping support the economy and small business.

Handmade jewelry is affordable – Quality, mass-produced jewelry will generally set you back hundreds of dollars. Quality, handmade jewelry can often be purchased for under a hundred dollars. Handmade jewelry artisans don’t have the same overhead costs and therefore don’t need to cover those costs by charging higher prices.

Handmade jewelry is environmentally friendly – From start to finish, the process of making handmade jewelry makes much less of an impact on the environment than mass-produced jewelry. Artisan jewelry makers create on a smaller scale and as a result use fewer resources and create less pollution. Many artisans use less or greener packing material than large retailers.

There is also much less waste created as materials used for jewelry making can be repurposed and recycled into other pieces. Jewelry isn’t just decorative; it’s an expression of who we are. What do you want your jewelry to say about you?

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