The North American Bancard Credit Card Processing System

Accepting credit card payments are very important to one’s business. See the rich for example. They prefer paying using their credit card. Hence, for every business, this payment option should be available.

When a credit card is swiped, there is a charge for that which may be reason enough for some business to steer away from that kind of payment option. However, take North American Bancard for example. By getting a merchant account, your business can accept credit card payment options and the charge rate is the lowest in the industry.

This also comes with a month to month service agreement with no cancellation fees. Even the equipment is free and there are no hidden charges that may surprise you in the long run. How about that?

Whether you need credit, debit or mobile processing from virtual or wireless terminals, North American Bancard will save you money with the industry’s most competitive rates.

Even made easier is the fact that their quick set up process takes only a few minutes, 6 minutes to be exact with no hiccups in your day-to-day business. credit card processing has never been easier or more affordable.

And if ever you need help, their 24 hour customer support is always on hand to help you with any problems related to processing credit card payments.

Customize Your Apparel From Scratch

There may be online portals that lets users customize apparel before making the purchase. However, while I have visited some portals in the past, they really do not give too much flexibility in the sense that not everything is customized.

TeeTick specializes in making custom clothes such as t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and other customizable clothes. What make them different from other suppliers is that they make everything from scratch so users can choose pretty much every aspect of the clothes that they want such as color, color of collars, single or double stitching, number of buttons and other attributes.

Look at it this way. It is like having a special request to have apparels made to your liking. Every detail, every color, every design from the top down. Feels like you a VIP, right? TeeTick allows you to submit your specifications and will make sure the final result reflects your aspirations.

After all, customers need to be satisfied and in order for that to happen is to ensure that what users like you want to be made will be made according to your specs.

I think that TeeTick also caters to people who wish to start up their own garment business and need some resources to get them started. Considering that TeeTick has some very affordable wholesale rates, it makes pretty good sense to start with them.

Visit and check out their catalog and find out more how you can get apparels from them customized to your liking.

Vipre Internet Security

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vipre for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

What I look for in an anti virus application is how resource intensive it can be when used. If it is a resource hog, then it is automatically uninstalled. While virus removal is a given since that is the essence of an anti virus software, I factor how much resources it consumes.

The likes of McAfee and Norton slows my PC to the point that I get mad when some I/O operation freezes my desktop. I am not new to Vipre because I chanced upon this early this year and I have been using it since.


Okay, so maby they have modules running that are necessary to protecting your computer, but why is it when I use Vipre Internet Security, my PC does not slow down.

This anti virus software is lightweight, easy to install and does what it is made to do: protect your computer. Also, an added bonus I like is the automatic software patching with the Easy Update feature.

Out of date software like Windows, Java, Adobe, Skype, iTunes and others are the most common cause of PC infections and VIPRE is the only antivirus to automatically patch these security holes.

Manual updates can be a hassle since sometimes even I tend to forget these things so this automatic feature really comes in handy.

You can find out more details on Go ahead. Visit the site, download Vipre and see how it does not bring down your computer’s performance yet protects your computer at the same time.

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