Customize Your Apparel From Scratch

There may be online portals that lets users customize apparel before making the purchase. However, while I have visited some portals in the past, they really do not give too much flexibility in the sense that not everything is customized.

TeeTick specializes in making custom clothes such as t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants and other customizable clothes. What make them different from other suppliers is that they make everything from scratch so users can choose pretty much every aspect of the clothes that they want such as color, color of collars, single or double stitching, number of buttons and other attributes.

Look at it this way. It is like having a special request to have apparels made to your liking. Every detail, every color, every design from the top down. Feels like you a VIP, right? TeeTick allows you to submit your specifications and will make sure the final result reflects your aspirations.

After all, customers need to be satisfied and in order for that to happen is to ensure that what users like you want to be made will be made according to your specs.

I think that TeeTick also caters to people who wish to start up their own garment business and need some resources to get them started. Considering that TeeTick has some very affordable wholesale rates, it makes pretty good sense to start with them.

Visit and check out their catalog and find out more how you can get apparels from them customized to your liking.

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2 Replies to “Customize Your Apparel From Scratch”

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  2. I used this product as a bind and it works really well. A lot of shifting occurs while wearing it, however, it flattens good enough to make button down shirts fit better. Because of its fabric, it may wear out quicker, but if you are like me, you don’t need it all the time. If you need a more durable bind, I suggest get anything with clasps, hooks or velcro.

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