Halka, An Empathy Based Online Social Community

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They say that nowadays, social media alienates people. I say, it can be true in some cases. After all, this is a world, where mostly everyone is online but only a few or nobody is listening, so many of us are complaining about not being understood.

Halka is an Empathy-based community social network where empaths come together. I am not sure if there are other online communities like this but to me, this is the first time I came across one and it gives fellow empaths a portal where they all can commune, talk and understand each other.

You might ask yourself, what is different with Halka compared to other social networking sites. After all, when it comes to social networking most features are the same. Chat or post photos, you know the works. But with Halk, there is one fact that caught my attention.

Their system somehow allows users to guess the emotions felt by the person who shared his/her experience. This way, the person who shared their experience can see the uesrs who understand them.

Halka, is not just about chatting. It is something more. In a way, I can say it helps bring meaning when people share their experiences because there will be people out there who will understand them.

Visit this Community for Empaths and see how you can reach out, feel, relate and understand each other feelings and experiences.

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