Ghurka Bags

During the holiday season, it may seem that many on gift-giving lists don’t appreciate the efforts and expense that goes into the purchases that are made. There is a way to give each individual something that they really want- and love- without spending any more than would typically be allotted for the shopping season.

Quality leather products, goods, handbags, and accessories are always appreciated and found from some reputable online manufacturers and brands. Ghurka bags, for instance, are a wonderful way to express love and gratitude for all that these people give year-round, and are a fashion statement that never goes out of style.

The rich, buttery leather and high-end hardware make these timeless pieces that will be used for years to come. These are distinguished and durable, ideal for a boss or coworker. The larger pieces such as their handbags, travel bags, and totes are exemplary for those heading off to college or graduate school. There is something utterly indulgent about these fine products, yet their utility makes them a practical option as well.

This particular brand of quality leather products is found through some fine retailers in many regions, however their online selection might be the most expansive. Furthermore, the pricing and the incentives offered from this company could serve to inspire additional gift items to order and give this coming holiday season.

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  1. got my 641 steerhide today and it is the best leather jacket i own. i have about 10 motorcycle jackets currently including hein gericke, alpinestar, harley, eastman luftwaffe, joe rocket, etc. not that these are slouches, but i love this the best as it is the purest, best looking, best cut of them all (ok, the eastman luftwaffe is on a par with the 641 steer, but the eastman cost me $900).i also have some 20 vintage and new military jackets, most milspec, and tho that’s a different breed, i still must put this at the top for sheer beauty, cut, look.get this jacket. i wanted the horsehide but sadly schott doesn’t make a zipout liner for that, and i’m in calif. however, this steer is so strong looking, while at the same time being supple and comfortable, there is no way i could complain. without the zip liner it is truly a 3 season jacket as it feels as comfortable as any of my lighter goatskin a-2 jackets with their minimal liner.schott has kept the vintage pattern here (the 141 is apparently the same jacket with a modern fit and larger size by one number), so the 641 fits akin to the military spec versions of a-2 and g-1 jackets vs. their civilian versions…meaning a much more athletic and squared off look, and cut one size smaller.i’m so happy with this i’ll make excuses to wear it any time any where. the best thing i can say is that it looks every bit as good as the pictures of it on the website here. thanks schott.

  2. When we spoke, I asked Dave whether such “half-tanned” leathers are really something you’d ever find on more expensive products. “All the time,” he said. “Not all of them, of course, but if the company they outsource to is not carefully watched or if it is something that the brand is not aware of, then they’ll be getting low quality leather that is hidden with rolled or painted edges to cover up the poorly tanned leather.” Dave also noted that this isn’t something you tell just from the outside grain. The leather feels the same, but the middle will dry out and crack. The only way to tell is by looking at the edge and seeing if the middle is blue, but this also assumes that the edge hasn’t already been covered.

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