Looking Through The Microscope: Body Under The HCG Diet

Almost every diet exhorts dieters to combine their respective diet program along with an exercise program in order to make the diet successful for the individual. Unfortunately, following the said diet becomes a huge burden for people as over a period of time, they begin to realize that it is not easy to maintain a fitness program along with the diet schedule in order to prevent excessive weight from returning.

This constant battle of managing an exercise program and diet schedule causes almost one third of the population to give up on their diets and revert back to their unhealthy lifestyles.

And the very few people who continue to persist with the diet start to spend more and more money on health drinks, protein beverages, and other additional forms of low-calorie foods just to keep themselves from feeling tired after a strenuous exercise routine.

Moreover the restrictive diet programs lead many people to suffer from hunger pangs and give in to temptation by mindlessly bingeing when they cannot resist the urge to eat anymore.

The HCG diet, on the other hand, does not recommend individuals to embark upon any form or kind of fitness schedule when following the diet. The HCG diet is a time-tested protocol that allows the individual to reap the benefits of weight loss without indulging in heavy exercises or complicated diet schedules.

Energy in the body is naturally induced with the introduction of the HCG hormone that does the entire work of burning excess fat cells in the body without causing the individual to resort to any other additional measures.

The unneeded fat deposits in the body start to get utilised while nourishment and energy is supplied throughout the body, without causing the individual to undergo any hunger pangs or starvation.

Of the numerous benefits discovered by following the HCG diet, a number of them offer more than just weight loss. Some of the scientific results observed include:

• slight elevation of testosterone levels in the body with an increase in metabolism
• redistribution of fat cells throughout the body with a visible reduction of flab around the stomach and extremities
• no incidents of starvation despite following the diet as the body is naturally nourished from the drainage of fat cells stored in various areas across the body
• there is no question of muscle loss in spite of following the diet, as with the introduction of the HCG hormone, there is a greater combustion of fat burning from the fat cells that takes place
• dramatic decrease of craving for junk food or sweets
• simple, yet effective diet that can be followed by any individual in good health and at any age

One of the biggest advantages of following HCG diet drops regimen is that unlike any other diet, it does not deplete muscle mass as the HCG hormone that is introduced in the body prevents muscle mass from losing its value.

This is one of the largest positive benefits that the HCG hormone has to offer. Moreover, an individual following the HCG diet does not undergo any form of intense food cravings or hunger pangs, thanks once again to the HCG hormone. It is one of the few diets that involves the constant supervision of a medical doctor, thus assuring the dieter that he/she is in safe hands throughout the diet.

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  1. pH : This is a measure of acidity or alkalinity in your body. You can purchase test strips to use with your saliva or urine. It is intrinsic to health to maintain a slightly alkaline pH (greater than 7.3). Increasing the fresh fruits & veggies in your diet will help immensely. Decreasing meats, dairy, processed sugars and flours will also contribute greatly.

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