Fund Your Custom Apparel Without Hassles

Ever heard of fund sourcing sites? Well, TeeSpring is the 100% free way to sell high-quality t-shirts.
Just design a shirt in their easy designer user interface, set a price, add a goal and start selling.

That’s all!

Collect enough pre-orders and they will print and ship directly to the buyers, whereas you keep the profit.

These apparel come in handy when you want to design such shirts for events, communities, promotions and others but do not have the funds to get it started.

Plus the quality of the material is high quality too!

What I like about TeeSpring is its ease of use when designing your own. I mean, not all of us are very creative and intuitive when it comes to design which their custom design library sets come in handy. Just pick something that is already there and you can use it as part of your design.

You can even design one at the back of the shirt too. It is that easy.

And when you set a definite goal with a certain price, you can even get a commission from it. Overall a win-win situation for you. Check out this sample campaign I have set up so you can see firsthand how TeeSpring works!

Affordable Party Dresses

There are many features you can consider when selecting a party dress, including color, length and overall style. While all of those features are important, the neckline is equally important. This top portion of your dress naturally draws the eye. If you select the right neckline and ensure your dress fits properly, you can turn heads and look your best in any color or style of dress.

When selecting a neckline, you will typically have the following options:

  • Straps
  • Strapless
  • V-neck
  • Halter
  • Single shoulder

Strapped dresses can wrap around your shoulders or around your neck. These dresses are appropriate for most social occasions, but they are tamer than the other necklines. If you want to spice it up without standing out too much, go for a V neckline. These dresses will have more material over the shoulders and will allow you to show off some cleavage.

If you are proud of your shoulders and feel comfortable showing more skin, you can select a strapless or halter dress. The single-shoulder neckline is also an option, especially if you want to show more skin while still feeling covered up. Just covering one shoulder makes many women feel more secure than they would in a strapless neckline.

Think about the occasion you are celebrating when looking at affordable party dresses with different necklines. Choose a more covered-up look if you feel showing skin is not appropriate for your occasion, but don’t hesitate to let it all hang out if you really want to turn heads.

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