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There are many avenues available these days when it comes to selling products online. eBay, Amazon, and other major online services allow users to list their own items for sale and receive payment for them, minus a small commission fee for the website itself. However, those who are serious about making a living off of selling items online should consider starting their own website and implementing eCommerce software on the site itself. This, after all, is a great way to establish one’s own identity as a business and to sell items without having to share commission to a third-party.

eCommerce essentially refers to software that can be implemented onto a website and that allows users to make purchases over the Internet using a credit card or, in some cases, a PayPal account. Once a sale is made, a third-party processes the payment and notifies the seller. He or she will then receive the payment and shipping details. Once payment is received, the business owner can ship the item to the buyer’s listed shipping address, thus completing the transaction.

Having eCommerce implemented on an existing site does not need to be a difficult task. There are many websites out there these days that offer such services, with 1ShoppingCart.com being one of them. This particular service will implement their software onto an existing site’s platform. The software that is installed will make it possible not only for users to make purchases, but to do so securely through a remote server that encrypts data for additional security purposes.

Having eCommerce in place is a great way for any small business to take off. Furthermore, many of these services also come with marketing packages, which are used to help spread the word of the particular company, goods, and services that are offered on the site. This marketing, depending on the particular package that is included, may come with SEO services, social media representation, pay-per click assistance, and even e-mail marketing for those who want to get previous customers to return for repeat transactions and sales.

All website owners who want to turn their sites into profitable venues through selling products and/or services should consider the option of implementing eCommerce services. Furthermore, choosing an eCommerce package that includes marketing and branding services can also be helpful for those who are just starting out and would like some assistance when it comes to getting established.

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