Sharper Uniforms

Restaurant uniforms are a lot more than clothing for your staff. Uniforms are a major component of the identity and quality of your restaurant as well as your overall presentation to the public. Therefore, these uniforms must be comfortable enough and smart enough, like the uniforms you can find at, for your entire restaurant staff.

Operating a restaurant is a lot more than serving good food. There are other important factors that matter such as a well-mannered staff, a classy interior, excellent food and good music that all play a big part in creating the perfect ambiance to entice guests to come back again. If you run or manage a restaurant, you know how much effort goes into perfecting things to draw the guest back in again. Presentation can make or break the difference in a classy versus regular restaurant.

Presentation includes how your staff is dressed. The staff, being a major part of the restaurant, carries the character of your restaurant with it. A staff smartly dressed offers a great impression of the restaurant. A staff poorly dressed gives off a casual approach. As the owner of a restaurant, you want to give the best presentation to the customer.

A well-designed uniform is one that is durable and comfortable to wear. The fabric should be light, easy to clean, durable and comfortable. When you compromise the quality of the fabric, it results in a scruffy looking uniform after three or four washes. Frequent washes with restaurant uniforms are necessary due to the stains that are common with serving and cooking food. Having a quality fabric with good stitching is important for the uniform to look nice and to be comfortable.

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